To go in conjunction with Lesson - Missions: "PROTECTION"

With God all things are possible. The people in Iconium were plotting to stone Paul and

Barnabas, but the two men were able to escape. In Lystra, the people were amazed by

the miracles they saw Paul and Barnabas perform, but they soon turned on them. This

time Paul was stoned. But God spared his life. In spite of the hardships, God protect-

ed them and kept them safe.


We want to protect our kids and keep them safe, but sometimes we do it at the expense

of their personal growth and development. Ask for God’s help in keeping your kids safe

while letting go of the need to control everything for them. Put your trust in God to be

their protector.


To go in conjunction with Lesson - Missions: "VISIONARY"

With God all things are possible. God gives us a vision and a calling. The Holy Spirit
set apart Paul and Barnabas to be missionaries. On their first missionary trip to Cyprus,
Paul and Barnabas encountered a sorcerer who tried to stop their work. But the men
stayed true to their calling and in the end it was the sorcerer who lost his vision.

It’s not always easy to see what God is doing in our lives. Take heart that God has a
vision for you and your kids, even if you can’t see it. In your prayers this week, don’t
pray to better understand the future, but pray to better understand the God who holds
the future. 


To go in conjunction with Lesson - Missions: "Expectations"

Make this week’s lesson real by putting together a puzzle with your kids. Don’t let them see what the completed picture looks like ahead of time. Have them guess what the subject of the puzzle is; see how their guesses change as more pieces are put into place. Reassure your kids that we may not always see how things will fit together, but we can be confident that God has a good plan for our lives.


To go in conjunction with Lesson - Missions: "BE BOLD"

With God all things are possible. When Saul became a Christ-follower, he immediately began preaching boldly about Jesus. Despite the fears of the people and the threats to his life, Saul never wavered in his commitment to preach the gospel. Today, God continues to equip his people to boldly speak the word of God. 

This is a good opportunity to work on being bolder when it comes to speaking about Jesus. Start at home: talking about Jesus freely with your kids and family. Pray for guidance and courage to talk about Jesus boldly in your world outside of the home.  


To go in conjunction with Lesson - Missions: "God has a call, for us all!"

God has a call, for us all! With God all things are possible. When a man named Saul was hunting down Christians to arrest them, he had an encounter with God that changed his life. He would become the greatest missionary in the church's history. Today, God continues to use missionaries all over the world. Kids who know Jesus will grow up to be missionaries - whether they serve in the far reaches of the world or in Everytown, USA.


Commit to pray regularly for your child's mission, that they would love God and be used by him to change lives.