What makes it good?

Have you ever wondered why we call the day that Jesus died GOOD Friday and not BAD Friday?  After all, Jesus died on the cross that day!  How could death ever be a good thing?!


Well, friends, Jesus' death happened for a reason.  When He died on the cross, He took all of the sins from everyone in the whole world (even sins that hadn't happened yet!).  He took those sins away from everyone (that means you and me, too!) so that we could spend forever and ever with Him in Heaven someday!  If Jesus had not done that, we wouldn't have the opportunity to have life forever with God in Heaven.


Without Good Friday, we would have no reason to celebrate Easter, the day that Jesus rose from the dead, showing that He was more powerful than sin and death!

What an awesome reason to call this day GOOD Friday and not BAD Friday!


for the younger ones 

Daily 1-2-3

1. Either read from "The Beginner's Bible" if you have it, if not, check out the video version below from Zondervan, then pause the video, or ask these questions in between pages. 

  • Which friend of Jesus would do something bad? (Judas)

  • What did Jesus ask his friends to do? (Jesus ask them to think about him when they eat bread and drink the wine, to not worry that he was leaving. He said they were his friends, and to love each other like Jesus did.)

  • What did Jesus do at the garden? (He prayed.)

  • Who did Judas bring to the garden to take away Jesus? (the soldiers)

  • What did the soldiers want to do with Jesus? (They wanted him to die.)

  • Why did the soldiers want Jesus to die? (They did not believe he was God's son.)

  • How did Jesus die? (on a cross)

  • Why did Jesus die on a cross? (to take the punishment for the wrong things we have done or will do)

2. Discuss

The wrong things we do is called SIN.  Ask the kids if they have ever sinned and to tell you about it. Examples might be hitting a brother or sister, using unkind words with their parents, taking someone else's toy without permission, or not doing something their mom asked them to do like clean up toys. 

Share examples of yourself, so they could see even adults sin. Remind them again that Jesus died on a cross to take the punishment for our sins because he loved us so very much, and wants us to be able to come to Heaven with Him someday. Jesus wanted our sins to be forgiven. He wanted our sins to be washed away.

3. Show them what you mean:

The following video by "I Can Teach My Child!" is a great visual of how Jesus takes on our sins.



We love this idea from the Sprinkle family. With painter's tape, start by making the cross, then block off your areas to look like stained glass. Paint the inside of each area with acrylic paint. Finally, peel off the painter's tape. WOW!

All ages can be apart of the fun. 


for our older children

Daily 1-2-3

  • Watch the lesson video together.  To learn more about the science seen in our lesson video, click the beaker icon: 

  • With the help of an adult, try the science experiment on your own. Could you share the Good News to someone else using this awesome science?

  • Check out the Verse Challenge below. Parents write out the verse on a small separate pieces of paper with only 1-2 words per piece. Place each paper into a plastic Easter egg. Hide the eggs for your children to find, open, and then work to put the verse back together again.  

Lesson Video

How Great Thou Art