Welcome parents! 

This continues to be an interesting time in our lives. We are unable to physically meet as a church body, but we would like to encourage you to not give up the habit of coming together as a family. Take this time to daily grow in the knowledge of Him together. It is our prayer that you and your child will love Him more because of His great love for us.


The week’s collection of activities, videos and lessons are designed for you to use however you see fit for your family’s spiritual growth at this time. You can do all of the activities in one sitting or break it up throughout the week (as we have roughly done for you). You are the wonderful parent, therefore God has installed in you the ability to teach your child about him and his unwavering love. Pray for guidance, He will not forsake you! 


We are praying that your family will enjoy this lesson on Hope in Jesus.

John 11:1-44


Daily 1-2-3

  1. Check out the video.

  2. Questions you can ask your children:

  • Who did Jesus raise from the dead?   (Lazarus)

  • Read John 11:25&26, who is the resurrection and the life? (Jesus)

  • What is a word that means, bring back to life? (resurrect)

  • Who gave (gives) hope in times of sadness? (Jesus. If we believe Jesus is the "resurrection and the life" we may die on earth, but we will live eternally in heaven with Him.) 

   3. Build a fort "tomb". Have a child hide in the          "tomb", while another calls them out.  


Daily 1-2-3

  1. Check out the video from Mrs. Brill.

  2. Questions you can ask your children: 

  • Who are all the people mention so far mentioned in the reading? (You can even write down their names when they answer: Jesus, Martha, Mary, Lazarus, messenger, possible they may say Pharisees.)

  • What do we know about Jesus so far? (He loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. He heard about Lazarus' illness, but did not going right away to see him.)

  • What do we know about the others in the reading? (Mary and Martha are worried about their brother Lazarus, who is very sick.)

   3. Pray together, thank God that         He sent Jesus to give us hope . 

  1. Use the songs below to sing, praise, and worship together. 

  2. Review what hope means in God's eyes, and how it is different from how we might use the word. (We might hope to have ice cream tonight for a snack or we might hope our favorite team will win the game. But the biblical definition of hope is not "I hope it happens" but "I KNOW it will happen". We can put our hope in the Lord. We can put our hope in his word. 

  3. Check out the new Verse Challenge.

Daily 1-2-3


Daily 1-2-3

  1. Check out the next lesson video.

  2. Discussion Question:  What did you learn about Jesus from John 11:1-44?

  3. Check out the video link below of "The Four Jewish Groups" by What's in the Bible