If your child has attended first hour at Hillside Bible Church over the past few months they have spent 10-15 minutes of each lesson working on their Books of the Bible chains. They add a chain for each book of the Bible they have memorized. Every lovely one there has chains showing they memorized "The Laws" or "Pentateuch" as we continue to learn how they are grouped to further help us memorize. (Hopefully they even remember what "penta" means....finger's crossed.)

Many are way into the Old Testament, and some are even working on adding chains to represent the New Testament books they have memorized.


If you haven't started a chain yet, no problem! Get working on knowing your Books of the Bible just the same. This is a great Bible skill for everyone.  I'll show you how make your own chain at home in the weeks to come. Get practicing! 

How can we move forward?

Take a few minutes a day to simply say them in order with your child. Don't worry if they don't know them all, let them be a half second behind you as they say them, that is perfectly fine!  Not great at memorizing? My hand is high in the air, no worries! Get the Bible out, head to the front where they are all listed, repeat them together while pointing at the words. Just focus on one set at a time. Keep it small and simple!

I'm sure you all have great ideas to help them continue their memorizing, but don't worry if not.

Next week we'll add more to help change it up! 

In the mean time check out Books of the Bible by North Point Music.